Rachele Osmo
Daughter of the founders, Dario and Sandra, she’s the head of Upholstery’s Department. She’s a really long experience in the field and the projects take form under her supervision.

Vittorio Levi
From 60 years he’s the “technical” soul of our team. He studies the aspects about the practical realization of every works, he surveys the places, realizes the pressings and the models of draperies.

Raffaella Levi
Commercial Manager, she coordinates the sale and the after-sale services. She takes care of logistics, of administrative aspects and estimates.

Ben Zur Levi
Research and Development’s Manager; he selects the cloths and manages the interior design’s services.
He has won the first prize in the competition “Aipi – Abitare X Due” (Italian Interior Designers Association, Living For Two) and has been rewarded with a badge of the Republic of Italy as representative of Italian creativity under 30 during the creativity festival of Florence in 2009.